Movie chat will show targeted Twitter ads

Chatting about a movie on Twitter is going to lead to targeted ads about that particular movie. Beta testing is underway for targeted ads for movies, which is very good for film fans.

The Hollywood Reporter is exclusively reporting about the new Twitter targeted ads for movies, which is very interesting indeed. They are looking into what ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ call a “pain-free experience for studios.”

So how does Twitter targeted ads for movies work?

Say for example a studio had a massive movie coming out like Iron Man 3 or people on Twitter are chatting about Guardians of the Galaxy, if these movies are being chatted about Twitter will show ads to those mentioning them.

Take for example the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, not only will Twitter target ads to those chatting about the movie, it will also target keywords such as characters Groot and Rocket – Very clever stuff if it all works to plan, it is all about the name of the movie and keywords.

People actually use Twitter to determine if they should go watch the movie or not, reading tweets about a movie helps with the choices people make.

The Twitter beta testing will start in a few months; you may want to read this announcement, which is already in motion for TV Fans. The Hollywood reporter also shows that Twitter is working with the likes of Networked Insights and Fizziology when it comes to the movie targeting system.

Are you happy Twitter will be providing targeted ads for movies?

Chat about movie, targeted Twitter ads will show