Import LinkedIn to Google Plus in seconds

Google Plus is a growing social network for businesses, and this is why so many users are looking at the best way to import LinkedIn contacts. There are so many options on how to import, but by using Circloscope you can do within seconds.

The video and tutorial article courtesy of Circloscope Co-founder Craig Fifield shows how simple it is to import LinkedIn connections into Google Plus in bulk, which obviously takes seconds as its all at once rather than bits and pieces.

Import LinkedIn to Google Plus in seconds pic 2

Yes, there are many methods of importing LinkedIn contacts, but by using Circloscope it will save G Plus users so much time.

In the video the how to steps include: Step 1) Export Your LinkedIn Connections, Step 2) Copy Your Connections Email Addresses, Step 3) Find Your Connections On Google+ and Step 4) Filter & Circle Your Connections.

If you do decide to go ahead with the import you may notice an increase in Google Plus users circling you back – Have you imported your LinkedIn connections to G Plus yet?

Import LinkedIn to Google Plus in seconds