Hope Solo 4Chan, allegations message turns to hate

Hope Solo released a message on Facebook and Twitter speaking about women being violated by the unauthorized 4Chan leaks of private nude photographs. But since doing so she has not only been getting a few supporters in her corner, she is also getting a lot of comments of hate.

There are many mixed feelings against Hope Solo after she posted her message on Facebook and Twitter, in where she defended herself against the allegations of domestic violence as well as women being violated with the leaks of nude photographs.

Since releasing her message (Shown Below), mixed comments have come in on both Facebook and Twitter ranging from support to hatred towards the sports star. Hope Solo has 1,666,980 Facebook followers and 855K on Twitter, and seeing has Solo is facing trial in November on charges of domestic assault, which involved her nephew and half-sister she has been getting a lot of attention.

In one message she discusses two separate incidents, it was obvious she would get a huge reaction. Under her Facebook message she got so many comments, it seems that her Facebook users are more caring than Twitter users seeing as she’s got more backing her on FB and more haters on Twitter.

Hope Solo Facebook comments include, “We’re behind you Hope! Keep doing what you do! X” another said, “You are one of the most amazing people I admire, who cares what media or people try or say about you I’m #teamhopesolo.”

After Hope Solo tweeted this below she got a massive response, one Twitter users said, “@hopesolo didn’t you beat the S*** out a woman and a child?” Here are a few other tweets –

But, Hope Solo did get some support from her fans –

Do you agree with Hope Solo’s message on women being violated with nude photo leaks, and her defending the allegations of assault?

Hope Solo 4Chan, allegations message turns to hate