Bizarre Facebook Fighter status game video

A new Facebook Fighter game is out where four friends go up against the world, to start the game players have to insert a narcissistic status.

Ok, it is not a real Facebook game, it is merely a bizarre yet funny YouTube video by Dennis Liu.

The video below shows a new game where people fight for points with Facebook status messages, this is where you promote yourself with the all-new multiplayer mode.

So many social network terms pop up and Facebook status messages are sometime very good indeed worthy of a share, comment etc, but the a few are so bad you just got to penalize them.

it starts off with the first Facebook staus by Mark Harris, which says “Sop wishing!! Start doing!! Grateful for today!!!’ and this got him 9 thumbs up.

You can see four other people taking on the Facebook Fighter team where they fight for the status win.

Please do watch video video below – Would you like Facebook Fighter to be a real live game on your timeline?

Bizarre Facebook Fighter status game video