Rantic pushes to shutdown 4chan petition

The new Rantic site, which was emmayouarenext.com, is basically a shutdown 4chan petition, Rantic is asking for all to help so that no leaked nude photos are posted online again.

We said earlier about emmayouarenext.com now redirects you to rantic.com, which is a marketing campaign to shutdown 4Chan. Rantic wishes for all to spread the word, they are asking for everyone to join them as they shutdown 4Chan, so that they can prevent more private photos from being leaked online. They believe none of these women deserves this and with your help we all can make a change.

Who is Rantic?
Rantic is a social media marketing enterprise, they are the ones who get into many viral campaigns and music videos, the CEO and founder is Brad Cockingham.

The Rantic Petition
Within the Rantic site there is a Rantic petition letter to Barack Obama, the letter basically explains they have been hired by celebrity publicists. The 4chan celebrity nude leaks are destroying people’s privacy and some of the photos need censoring. The letter continues to say, “Every Facebook like, share & Twitter mention will count as a social signature — and will be one step closer to shutting down www.4chan.org.”

For some reason when the your click on the ‘Click To Send Letter To The White House’ link it does not seem to work, please let us know if the link works for you. They are also asking people to Tweet #ShutDown4CHAN.

The Facebook comments on the Rantic about page are rather interesting to say the least, when you click on the Rantic About page just scroll down a little for the comments. Some of the comments are suggesting they shutdown Rantic and not 4Chan, a new hashtag has formed, which is #SHUTDOWNRANTIC.

Other comments include –

“oh yeah - good idea… provoke the final boss of the internet. Lol, good luck, idiots.” Or what about “Censor the internet some more why don’t we? Rantic you’re a piece of s*** company who is going to provide the end to uncensored open access internet. F*** you.”

Do you agree or disagree with Rantic’s shutdown 4chan petition?

Rantic pushes to shutdown 4chan petition

  • umthi267@hotmail.ca

    Yes, get people to rally around a terrorized woman by being the ones who terrorize her. Nice ethics there, Rantic

    • David Robertson

      They don’t even exist

  • Idon’tCareBear

    In light of how they’ve acted I think they should be sued for attempting to falsify evidence to frame people.