Leonardo DiCaprio 250k Instagram followers in one day

Leonardo DiCaprio has finally joined Instagram, and within one day of going live he has gained 250,340 followers.

The actor has 6 posts, which five of them were posted yesterday September 23. His first Instagram post has 22.1k likes and 3.1k comments, with a description saying that he spoke at the United Nations #Climate2014 Summit in front of world leaders.

DiCaprio also thanked Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his first Instagram post, his second post showed the inside of the United Nations Headquaters, and the actor said it was the perfect setting to join Instagram where he could share the view of the UN General Assembly.

The Instagram post with the most likes with 24.1k was his last post added today, of him standing with @MarkRuffalo & Oren Lyons at the People’s #ClimateMarch.

Have you joined the Leonardo DiCaprio Instagram account yet?

It is great to see the actor there, and he is using his Instagram account for a good cause – Good luck and all the best Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio 250k Instagram followers in one day