Jackson Harries Ask Jack hashtag trending

#AskJack is trending in Twitter under United States at the moment, and thousands of questions are coming in from users.

The hashtag that is trending has nothing to do with Guardian’s Ask Jack blog with Jack being @jackschofield; he is the one who answers all your questions on computers and technology.

This time round it has to do with Jackson Harries, Twitter users are tweeting a question and adding the hashtag #AskJack, so let us explain why the hashtag is trending.

Jackson Harries is a young actor, vlogger and comedian who has made it big on his YouTube channel JacksGap who has over 3.7 million subscribers, and the reason the #AskJack is trending is simply down to Harries tweeting this below –

He basically wants to make a video out of the questions your ask him, so far his tweet has had 603 re-tweets and has be favorited 2.9k times and it only went live just over an hour ago. Check out all the questions people have asked Jackson Harries here.

Have you asked Jackson Harries anything and added #AskJack?

Jackson Harries Ask Jack hashtag trending