Facebook tracking opt out

To sign up to Facebook you have to agree with its terms & conditions, granted that is the correct thing to do. But, they do state they have permission to track its users and they can opt out.

Everyone knows when you sign up to a new social media network service you have to agree to its terms & conditions, and Facebook has a very long terms of condition contract that could take forever in a day to read. So to make life easy majority just click the agree button without ever reading it.

Facebook tracks users and they have the right to do so, the social media giants can and will track you even when you are not on Facebook all for the good of advertising purposes they say.

When you agree to Facebook’s terms of contract they will place a cookie, or even a text file on users computers and this is where the tracking begins.

If you visit this page titled ‘Custom Audiences from your Website and Mobile App’ it explains all about this and includes the option to opt out, which to be honest is rather confusing for some.

WSJ reports the way it all works is where online retailers use what is called ‘Pixel Code’ which is used to buy Facebook ads, which are put into place to target those who are about to purchase something. Even if you do not buy you have been tracked and they know you was there. To be fair there is nothing wrong with this, the information is NOT shared with the general public, and it is all used for advertising purposes.

It may be good for the general public, but and a big BUT is the problem it causes for those wanting to advertise on Facebook. Think about it for a moment, if Facebook can track its users and what they do when on an ad they can increase its efficiency to charge businesses more money for ads – Facebook win all round.

How can we opt out then so we cannot see ads anymore?

When you are on your Facebook News Feed you will see many ads, you can click on the down arrow located top right of the ad and then click ‘About This Advert’, in some cases it may say ‘Ad Preferences’, which will take you to this page titled ‘Custom Audiences from your Website and Mobile App’. However, when on this page you will see the ‘Opt Out’ button, apparently this will stop you seeing ads.

It say’s you can opt out so Facebook can stop showing you ads based on your activity on an advertiser’s websites or apps, but underneath the opt out button it says, “When you opt-out, you’ll continue to see ads on Facebook, including ads that are shown to you based on information you share on Facebook, actions you take on Facebook (ex: liking a Page), or information that we receive from other sources. Please refer to the Facebook Data Use Policy and About Ads for more information. “

What are your views on Facebook tracking?

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