Emmayouarenext.com becomes Rantic marketing campaign: Update

Emmayouarenext.com when first reported was all set to go live in 3 days time, the countdown timer was put into place and when it got to zero it would apparently reveal nude photos of Emma Watson.

But now emmayouarenext.com has changed and now redirects to rantic.com, when the countdown timer started on the ‘Emma You Are Next’ website it was so popular it reached over 48 million visitors, and when it comes to social media the website, which obviously suggests there were going to be nude Emma Watson pictures gained 7 million Facebook shares and likes, as well as gaining 3 million Twitter mentions worldwide.

Looks like Harry Potter actress Emma Watson got away with being seen nude online, and the Fappening 2 can be contained for now.

The site has been taken over by Rantic, which is a marketing campaign and they want you to participate, you can do so by sharing and spreading the word by utilizing Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Rantic wants you to +1 Share, Tweet, Like or Mention (w/ #hashtag) these will count as a social signature.

UPDATE: Please read more about Rantic pushing to shutdown 4chan petition here.

UPDATE 2: Rantic 4chan petition hacked by Le 9GAG Army, read more here.

Emmayouarenext.com becomes Rantic marketing campaign

  • Dark

    BULLSHIT. Dont spin the damn story.

    THIS is the real story. Not some BS twisting of words.