Dogspotting Facebook game for points

Facebook is a fun place to be with many games, but the new ‘Dogspotting Game’ will get you real points for spotting dogs in public.

Dogspotting is Facebook group where you can post photos of dogs you have snapped in public, they cannot be of your dog or a friend’s dog. This is what you call Dogspotting with a difference, which even comes with its own online leaderboard.

Taking the number 1 position is Barry Thorpe with 271 points, the Dogspotting game is simple: Just take a photo of a dog, post the photo on the Dogspotting Facebook page and then wait for other members to assign arbitrary scores to your photo where you then collect points.

The scoring depends on how big or small the dog is, how many dogs there are in one single photo, you will be scored accordingly dependant on what the dog is doing in the photos, dogs ruining human property goes down really well on the scoring front. The best score is given to dogs doing something very funny with your own caption.

The Dogspotting Facebook group has 22,959 members, the one with the highest score is promised a big prize, DO NOT let the dog see you taking a photo or the pooch gets the points.

Have you played the Dogspotting Facebook game yet?

Dogspotting Facebook game for points