Pinterest redesign moves everything around

Pinterest has had an overhaul; they have decided to redesign its pinning site to make things fresher.

The Pinterest redesign has started to rollout, you will know when you get the new look because it will start with a pop-up box saying, “We moved things around a bit!” and this is where users will be able to explore categories and see all the latest Pin picks.

pinterest has moved things around

After this users can click the ‘Next’ button to see what is new down on the bottom right of the Pinterest page, this is where users will see a plus and question mark symbol, which is where you now add pins or boards, or if you have a question.

There's more down here

Next is the “Get back home”; this is self-explanatory where users can click the ‘P’ logo to get back to the home feed. And, last but not least is the ‘Find anything you’re looking for’; this is where you simply search for pins, boards, or pinners etc.

Once all the above has been seen you just click the ‘Got It’ button and job done, now you have to get to grips with a new change.

It was only 11 days ago we reported Pinterest announcing the new update where a new way of showing notifications update Pinners on your business, read more here.

Have you got the newly redesigned Pinterest refresh?

Pinterest redesign moves everything around