Pinterest pin it button not missing, just moved

Pinterest has had a new redesign and everything has moved, especially the ‘Pin It’ button. But, so many users are saying it is missing, as they cannot see it anymore.

We have had so much feedback to do with the ‘Pinterest Pin It button missing’; but we can reassure you the button is not missing, people are simply not reading the help messages on show after logging in to Pinterest.

Since the redesign occurred people are wondering where the pin it button is, some have even taken to other social networks claiming the Pinterest pin it button is missing, although it’s not and just moved.

Pinterest pin it button not missing, just moved

Yesterday we published an article about the new Pinterest design refresh, and we added a few screenshots of where things have been moved to etc.

For those that did not see our article yesterday here is a recap, when you log in to Pinterest you will see at the bottom on the right hand side a new ‘+’ symbol just above the ‘?’ symbol, just click on the ‘+’ sign and hey presto you can start pinning.

Please do look at our screenshot above and below to see where the new pin it button is – Did you think the Pinterest pin it button was missing?