Michael J. Fox death stirs on Twitter

Celebrities have either done something really good, very bad or died to start trending on Twitter. And Michael J Fox started to trend yesterday in Twitter when users thought he was dead.

Back to the Future actor Michael J. Fox was trending yesterday in Twitter, not only did the death hoax cause a stir with his fans, it also caused mayhem with the nasty trolls that live on our planet earth. To be blunt some Twitter users are really sick and should be removed from Twitter.

When one Twitter user heard of the MJF death hoax they tweeted, “Michael J. Fox is sure.*shaking* up Twitter this morning. Everyone believes if your name trends, it means you’re dead. LOL”, which is not funny at all seeing as MJF has Parkinson’s and who shakes constantly – Maybe a little respect would be order trolls.

Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease back in 1991 and has since become a major advocate to Parkinson’s research, and founder of Michael J. Fox Foundation.

As soon as someone tweeted Michael J. Fox was dead the tweets came in very fast indeed, it caused a lot of upset with fans – read a few of the tweets below.

Do not worry, Michael J. Fox is alive and NOT dead. It was a sick hoax and to prove he is alive he returned to TV series “The Goodwife,” on September 21.

Did you believe Michael J. Fox was dead?

Michael J. Fox death stirs on Twitter

  • Vincent Schilling

    The kindest man in Hollywood. Blessings to you Michael…

  • stephen parkes

    I am saddened to see how some people use social media this way. I am very pleased to hear MJF is alive and well. I have had many happy times watching his movies