New Pinterest privacy policy update on Promoted Pins

Pinterest is all set to release its new privacy policy on October 19, 2014, which will mainly concentrate on Promoted Pins being relevant.

When you log into Pinterest some of you may have noticed the message at the top of your screen saying, “Hey there! On October 19, 2014, we’ll update our privacy policy to help make Promoted Pins more relevant. Here’s what’s new.” (Message screenshot shown below).

The new Pinterest Privacy Policy will only kick into force from October 19; Pinterest is showing a preview of the policy saying users of the pinning site voluntarily give them certain information when signing up for or use of its products.

When signing up the certain information shared can include the users comments, profile photo, name, likes, Pins, email address you used to sign up and of course any other info you have shared.

When signing up users also give Pinterest permission to access other information, if a users decides to link Twitter or their Facebook accounts to the Pinning site you give permission for them to gain information from these social accounts as well.

In the privacy policy two points were made clear, the first being Pinterest wanting to help advertisers better recognize how their Promoted Pins are doing. Pinterest from October 19 will help a lot more by reporting info on how many people for example purchased a product after clicking on a Promoted Pin.

The second point is Pinterest would like the Promoted Pins you see to be applicable to you and come from brands you’ve shown interest in. They hope to add information advertisers share so that they can show you Promoted Pins that don’t feel random or distracting.

What are your views on the new October 19 Pinterest Privacy Policy update?