Jameis Winston comments on Twitter after suspension

Jameis Winston comments on Twitter are coming in very fast after learning of his suspension, the Florida State quarterback was suspended after yelling an obscene phrase on campus.

Not going into detail of what he said but Jameis Winston was suspended because he stood on a table and shouted out “**** her right in the p***y”, which he was copying from a fake video meme where people were yelling the phrase on live news broadcasts.

Jameis Winston climbed on the table and shouted the phrase as part of the College humor; the Jameis Winston suspension is for one game on Saturday against Clemson.

Since the suspension was made live people took to Twitter searching for ‘jameis winston’, ‘jameis winston video’, Twitter users are also searching for ‘jameis winston yelled FSU’.

One Twitter user said, “Jameis Winston really can’t stay out of his own way, “ but this one really hit hard by Matt Niehaus, “Wait. Jameis Winston lied? He’s never done that before! I’m shocked and appalled.”

Read many more tweets on Jameis Winston right hereWhat are your views on Jameis Winston’s behaviour?

Jameis Winston comments on Twitter after suspension

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