Facebook falling in billions rank to Alibaba

Facebook is worth more than a lot of big name firms out there when it comes to how many billions they have, but one company overtook the social media giants who are now 9th on the billionaires company list.

Today Alibaba started to trade on the New York Stock Exchange, and since doing so it has one of the highest IPO offering ever, which started with an opening share of $92.70, but within minutes this shot up to a high $99 a share according to Huffington Post.

If you take a look at the tweets below you will see there is a 22 minute gap between posting the tweets, in that time Alibaba went for $228.5 billion to 246.1 billion.

Those that got insider Alibaba stock at $68, these are laughing all the way to the bank. Facebook in the same 22-minute period stayed at the same 198.7 billion, which means no climb.

Forbes are reporting with a few graphs and saying Alibaba has risen more than Google, Facebook, and Twitter combined.