Bear Grylls Twitter response after Life Stories

Piers Morgan life stories guests are always good, but it was Bear Grylls that stole the hearts of many Twitter users. Tears were shed and laughter was shared, what is more interesting is the Bear Grylls Twitter response after his Life Stories experience.

The show had a mixture of everything; we have all come to the conclusion the adventurer likes to be naked at the best of times. Thought it was very funny when Bear said he wanted to propose to his wife, but because he was naked he funnily said he pulled the ring from his butt cheeks – Obviously this was not true, but still funny to hear.

Bear has 1.17M followers on Twitter, which went up a little after the Piers Morgan Life Stories show. This show was brilliant to watch, especially when it came to the part about his father, for Bear to fight back and carry on with the show was amazing. Goes to show he is a human with feelings and no matter how tough we are all vulnerable – Bear sir you are a legend.

Piers Morgan tweeted that @BearGrylls is the No1 trend in UK and trending worldwide too. Thanks for watching! #LifeStories ITV.

Bear did trend on Twitter and what makes things a little strange is that no matter how positive Bear Grylls makes the world feel you have to get the hate trolls out digging him about hotel fakery allegations, yes he admitted he stayed in a hotel to spend time with his family for one night, which happened years ago – Twitter users have said let that rest now as its history.

The Life Stories show dug in deep and the questions from Piers Morgan were spot on, we saw the funny side, the deep, the adventurous, the family man, and the achievements and so much more from Bear in one single show.

Many Twitter users thought it was funny when Piers went on and on about Bear Grylls net worth, this is all we are saying about the show just in case you haven’t seen it – But please do read the tweets we have added below.

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What people said on Twitter about the Bear Grylls Life Stories with Piers Morgan –

Being the perfect dad

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Bear Grylls Twitter response after Life Stories