Google Plus doesn’t need fixing

So many people say Google Plus needs saving and that Google’s latest purchase of Polar could possibly help them rise up in rank as a social media network.

So, what actually needs fixing within Google Plus?

A Google Plus post shared by Brian Tait (Shown Below) linking off to Digital Marketing Rambling (DMR), this site talks about Google’s latest purchase of Polar and can it save Google Plus! This in our eyes seems a little crazy, everyone is obviously allowed to their opinion and we respect that.

Hope they respect our opinion, we have to agree with Brian Tait who say’s he is not sure Google Plus needs saving and to be frank the content looks a lot cleaner than Facebook.

Why Google Plus doesn’t need saving!

Point 1: There has been no Google Plus update for a while now, and when they do release new updates they are rather scarce. The answer to point 1 is simple, why does Google plus need an update when everything seems to working fine the way it is.

Point 2: We do not see ads all over the place on G Plus, non-relevant links are not taking over the whole page – In a nutshell Google Plus has one of the cleanest looks for a social media network.

Point 3: Google Plus offers great engagement with adults and business-like minds, no ha ha’s or lols here, and with 45,795 followers on my personal Google Plus profile I say it has a good solid base of users. Take Guy Kawasaki for example, he has a staggering 6,648,647 followers, Larry Page has 8,590,387, Lady Gaga has 8,999,136, you can trust us when we say there are plenty of G Plus users.

Point 4: look at the number of registered Google Plus users, the growth is very good indeed and getting stronger and larger. In 2012 Q4 there were 223 million active users out of 435 million registered users, and in 2013 Q4 there were 1.15-billion registered users with 359 users being active. We are waiting on this years Q4 2013 to 2014 stats, but the numbers say Google Plus is growing so why does it need saving.

Point 5: The average time spent on Google Plus was around 3.30 minutes in 2012 Q4 and same quarter in 2013 it went up to 6.47 minutes.

How can people say Google Plus is struggling! DMR actually said and quote “Facebook being something of a model example” Does this mean Google plus should put ads everywhere, release updates like they are going out of fashion or how about status messages about how bad someone’s day was. For us we see nothing but positives on a whole with no bad Google Plus posts like “I forgot to get milk I’m so Pi***d Off – This is just an example.

Do you believe Google Plus is struggling?

Google Plus doesn't need fixing haters

  • veep

    Are you kidding? What does need to be fixed is their name. It should be Google Pukes. I hate it with a passion as does everyone else I know. They took over a media site (youtube) and tried to turn it into a social website. Fail on all levels. Maybe if they had not incorporated youtube. But when they did that they pissed a lot of people off. As a youtube user you had your own inbox, favorites, etc. Google plus changed all of that and took features away by making users join.
    And it’s so confusing who you are or aren’t sharing things with because of all the exceptions on their circles mess. If I want a social network I’ll you facebook or twitter. If I want a video site I would have used youtube. Google Plus FAIL on all levels.

  • veep

    This is one of the 20 things you need to know about circles. Totally coherent. Right? “When you share posts, photos, profile data, and other things with “Your circles,” you’re sharing with all of your circles, except the ones you’re just following” . Then it say you can customize it. Ok, swell.” When you share posts, photos, profile data, and other things with “Your circles,” you’re sharing with all of your circles, except the ones you’re just following (they’re unchecked in this list)” Give me a break. Google plus is about as useless as teetz on a bull.

  • AnonGuy

    The issue with Google Plus isn’t what it is , per se. The issue is how they tied other products into it. Things like sending a picture in hangout, auto uploading pictures, and group video calls should not have relied on a Google+ profile. In some cases they ripped features out of other products to add them to Google+ to force users to use it. Reader, Picasa Web Albums, Google Talk, etc. People say Sony use it if you don’t want it, but adding Plus to your Google Account fundamentally changes some things, even how some services function. They should’ve let it stand on its own. If it was that great, it wouldn’t have had an issue succeeding without the forced integrations and pushing it so ferociously on customers. Also, some things like contact management are just needlessly complicated there and the never-ending amount of suggested contacts it forces into their mobile apps (Google+, Hangouts) is unforgivable.

    • AnonGuy

      People say don’t use it…
      I meant that, not Sony, Lol.

  • Glen

    I find Google+ to be FAR superior to Facebook.

    Facebook I just find annoying and depressing. And I must be honest here, the name turned me off from the start. Not sure I can think of anything more stupid sounding.