Andy Murray Sporting Harry abuse on Twitter

@sportingharry Twitter account belonged to a troll, which has since been taking over so the sick person can never have the account again.

Andy Murray has been abused after he tweeted about the Scottish independence; the Tennis star said, “No campaign negativity last few days totally swayed my view on it. Excited to see the outcome. Lets do this!”

Many news groups and Twitter users are saying Andy Murray has basically said Yes to the campaign, but in his tweet there was no evidence of a yes or no vote – He just said he was swayed.

Since Murray’s tweet went live he has been getting a lot of abuse, and one in particular came from Twitter account @sportingharry. In the sick tweet it said, “Wish you had been killed at Dunblane. Your life will be a misery from now on.”

This sort of abuse is not being tolerated according to Scotland assistant chief constable Bernard Higgins, it is disgusting and very distasteful to put this sort of comment on any social media site.

For those of you that follow Andy Murray or dislike him for his tweet, you should know that he was not allowed to vote yesterday because the Glasgow born star has been residing in Surrey for many years.

The Harry S @sportingharry Twitter account is no longer run by the troll, it now says Not Harry @sportingharry and a tweet saying –

What are your views on the Scottish independence vote?

Andy Murray Sporting Harry abuse on Twitter