Facebook Create New Account page misleads

It’s clear some people can still benefit from setting up pages on social networks with popular search terms, as we’ve seen with one Facebook “Create New Account” page that seems to be misleading some people when looking to create a new Facebook account.

We’ve seen a few tweets in relation to this Create New Account community page on Facebook, as it joined Facebook on May 17, 2012. There’s been no posts published since that time, but this page is ranking in Google for “create new Facebook account”.

This not only means Google’s ranking a page for people looking to create a new Facebook account, but it also means the said account has gained well over 40,000 likes. This is a type of marketing for whoever setup the community page in the first place, and it’s hard for Google to understand the difference considering this page lies on Facebook itself.

Have you seen any Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus pages benefiting from using popular terms for the social network they are setup on?

If you really want to create a new Facebook account, a business page, or need other help visit the official create a page or help center for creating accounts.

It’s interesting to think if it’s the job of Facebook or Google to clean up such useless pages, although we personally feel it is Facebook in this situation that needs to act.