Excited Richard Branson and daughter joins LinkedIn

Bring In Your Parents Day 2014 has got the perfect team, which includes LinkedIn, Richard Branson and his daughter Holly.

LinkedIn decided they wanted to join forces with Sir Richard Branson, and soon after his daughter Holly Branson joined in as well. She was so excited she took over Branson’s LinkedIn Blog to let people know about Bring In Your Parents Day.

She explains she jumped at the chance when LinkedIn asked her to support and promote Bring In Your Parents Day, which is an annual event starting on November 6 encouraging businesses to bring in their parents to work for one day.

LinkedIn are happy to have signed up Branson and his daughter Holly, when Holly took over her dad’s page she said, “When the team at LinkedIn asked if I would support Bring In Your Parents Day, I jumped at the chance. Dad works is based on Necker Island and me in London, so it is a great way to show him exactly what I get up to each day.”

LinkedIn will be promoting ‘Bring In Your Parents Day’ heavily; last year over 15,000 business individuals took part globally. If you wish to take part in the Bring In Your Parents Day this year, please do so by signing up here.

Are you going to be taking part in the ‘Bring In Your Parents Day 2014’?

LinkedIn gains Richard Branson and daughter for BIYPD