ISIS Flames of War trailer, Obama speech needed

ISIS also known as the Islamic State has released a video titled ‘Flames of War’, within the trailer posted onto YouTube it quotes the words “Fighting has just begun” and at the end it says ‘Coming Soon’.

The 1:27 second Flames of War trailer shown below is rather disturbing, it does not show brutal and bloody images but it gives you a clear understanding of what they are getting across. This trailer is apparently the shorter preview of a longer video soon to follow, it shows slow-motion action with high-quality Hollywood style recording.

There is a part where President Barack Obama is speaking and even though dubbed out The New York Times reports he says, “American combat troops will not be returning to fight in Iraq.” Once this is said the screen goes black and men are apparently executed, well that is what the video wants you to believe even if it doesn’t show it.

It shows the Islamic State are using a new form of strategy to get its point across using social media, over the last few months three beheadings have happened and it seems they are not stopping the fight. The ‘ISIS VIDEO - Flames of War Trailer’ on the ABNews YouTube channel has had 83,669 views so far.

Surely a President Barack Obama speech is needed, ISIS according to reports say if the president sends in the troops the Islamic State will respond by killing them.

What are your views on the ISIS Flames of War trailer?

ISIS Flames of War trailer, Obama speech needed