Dog spider prank video infected 78 million

The Dog spider prank video by SA Wardega has infected 78 million people so far since it was uploaded 8 days ago and climbing.

The spider dog Halloween costume is very good indeed and looks rather silly, but marry that with the dark of night, body parts, webs and unsuspecting people and you have one of the best scare pranks.

In the mutant giant spider dog video you will see many victims running away from what looks like a massive overgrown tarantula. The video itself is titled ‘Mutant Giant Spider Dog’ hand has gained a massive 78,082,381 YouTube views and climbing at a fast rate, this is VIRAL at its best.

It looks so good when the dog wearing the spider costume because it actually looks real from a distant, love the part in the video when a man walks under the underpass and when it runs up the stairs he gets trapped in the webbing – so funny.

The video is great with the creepy music in the background as well – Watch the Dog spider prank video below and then let us know how you felt?

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Dog spider prank video infected 78 million