New notifications update Pinners on your business

Pinterest has just announced a new update, basically a new way of showing notifications update Pinners on your business. Also a great way to help businesses get discovered.

The pinning site has added a new section in Pinterest notifications called “News.” The News tab gives you a snapshot of what’s new with all the different Pinners, brands and boards you follow.

Now, when you add a Pin, create a board, like or follow something, people who follow you will see these updates in their notifications.

They’ll also be able to click through to see or engage with that content further and when they do, their actions will show up for their followers on Pinterest. Thanks to the new updates you will also get updates from your Facebook friends on Pinterest, please remember you will not see any Pins that have been saved to the secret boards.

What do you think of the new Pinterest notifications section called ‘News’?

New notifications update Pinners on your business