Killer Clown 3 video racks up trilogy views

The Killer Clown 3 prank video is out and has already gone viral on YouTube within just 4 days, racking up a beautiful 4,866,617 views.

YouTube channel DmPranksProductions is behind the killer clown scare prank videos and now that they have three of them the video views are racking up nicely.

The first Killer Clown prank video was uploaded May 11 and has had 25,748,273 YouTube views. The second video titled ‘Killer Clown Returns Scare Prank!’ has racked up 23,945,189 views, and the latest only uploaded on September 7 titled ‘Killer Clown 3 - The Uncle! Scare Prank!’ which has had 4,866,617 views and all climbing.

In total the Killer Clown Prank trilogy has racked up a total of 54,560,079 views, which adds up to a lot of money if they are running ads on heir videos (Of course they are).

DM Pranks are really good at doing videos and in their Killer Clown 3 prank video you will see some terrifying footage, you do not only have one Killer Clown you also have his uncle joining in the mayhem. We love the part where Uncle Clown has a steamroller.

We will not say anymore as it will spoil the video, Killer Clown 3 is the first to be shown and then the second, and the third video down is the first ever Killer Clown prank.

What is your favorite Killer Clown prank video?

Killer Clown 3 video racks up trilogy views