Myth vs. Reality in social media ads

So many questions pop up when it comes to social media sites and advertising, one being, “Do ads work on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc?”

Trying to get to the bottom of answering the question above, AOL Platforms analyzed many millions of consumer interactions and in doing so have provided an infographic titled ‘Myth-Busting Social Media Advertising” which is rather interesting.

The infographic starts by stating multi-touch attribution makes it all possible to separate the facts from fiction, and thanks to this the infographic shows the myth vs. reality breakdown.

The infographic answers all the myth questions including: Social media doesn’t work for brands, apparently another myth is that there is no point to paying for ads on social sites because brands can market themselves on them for free.

Another myth answered is paid advertising has the same effect on every social site, and what about another myth such as all social advertising works the same way, regardless of industry and target audience.

Please do read the inforgraphic below, which shows both myth and reality when it comes to social media ads.

mythbusting social media advertising