LinkedIn InMaps alternative by Mindjet

LinkedIn retired its InMaps and since doing so Mindjet just announced the updated release and public availability of its brainstorming and mind mapping software, MindManager 15 for Windows – This could possibly be a good alternative tool for people who were currently using LinkedIn’s InMaps.

Used by over 2 million professionals within 83% of the Fortune 100, the updated app comes with a variety of new features, which will help change the way people work and interact with their teams and customers.

Mindjet are the leaders when it comes to mind mapping software and enterprise innovation, so much so they have recently announced its new MindManager Enterprise and MindManager 15 for Windows with over 2 million people global using MindManager.

The MindManager map is a visual information diagram that enhances thoughts of the creator and will the facilitate and collaborative communication through interactive embedded data, advanced calculation, scheduling features, live hyperlinks, dynamic project management capabilities and much more.

New features have been added within MindManager 15 for Windows, which adds 64-bit compatibility. New features include several user experience enhancements, expanded presentation capabilities and instantly updating and communicating project timelines.

For more information and what is new within Mindmanager please visit MindjetDo you think MindManager 15 is possibly an alternative to InMaps?

LinkedIn InMaps alternative by Mindjet