Social media for B2B best practices

EvokedSet the B2B PR and web-marketing consultancy firm has just announced the new eBook publication, which aims to help B2B companies create a successful social media presence.

The first edition of EvokedSet’s “Social Media for B2B: Best Practices” eBook is free to download and available now from the EvokedSet website.

Drawing on its extensive knowledge of running social media accounts and campaigns for a range of companies, EvokedSet’s eBook is a detailed manual on how to establish and run multiple social accounts. Covering the four key networks for B2B – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ - this extensive guide offers expert advice on navigating the basic elements of each platform, from how to create profiles to curating regular content.

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It also shines a light on other social media platforms popular with B2B audiences and looks at how businesses can establish an appropriate presence on each, as well as how to measure the success of your social campaigns.

EvokedSet’s “Social Media for B2B” eBook launches at a time when B2B companies are gradually acclimatising to the social landscape that has hitherto been dominated by consumer brands. The eBook provides businesses new to social media with a clear step-by-step breakdown of each platform, looking at “What It’s Great For”, “Best Practices” for posting, and providing “Example Strategies” to get you started.

EvokedSet Co-Founder and Director Nicky Denovan comments: “Too many social media guides presume a pre-existing understanding of the major platforms. In our experience, however, many businesses simply don’t have the resources, nor are they confident enough in the idea of social, to invest in expertise. This eBook offers an overview of the basics that will hopefully encourage more businesses to take these first crucial steps towards a successful, long-term social media strategy.”
For more information about EvokedSet’s fully outsourced social media programmes for B2B clients, please visit EvokedSet.

Social media for B2B best practices