NFL 2014 Facebook map of likes

A new NFL 2014 Facebook map recently released shows that the Broncos and the Cowboys have a very strong reach, and when you look at the map you can clearly see they have the most Facebook likes in their county.

The map below is titled the ‘Facebook Fandom Map 2014″ and as part of the National Football League (NFL) the map shows Facebook fans of NFL teams across USA. You will also notice each county has been color-coded based on which official team page has the most likes from people who live in that county.

The New York Jets do not yet have a plurality of fans in any U.S county. The Facebook team decided to break down all the data of NFL fans by county as well as users liking the team. It shows all Colorado counties are Bronco fans.

The reach of Bronco fans are huge, reaching Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, New Mexico, Nevada and Idaho. When the Seattle Seahawks played the Green Bay Packers Facebook conversations went through the roof, with over 8.5 million people generating over 15 million Facebook interactions.

What NFL team do you follow on Facebook?

NFL 2014 Facebook map of likes