Kelly Brook hated for domestic abuse

Kelly Brook has caused uproar on Twitter after she admitted to hitting former boyfriends Danny Cipriani and Jason Statham, but this does not sit too well with a lot of people.

Rochester-born Kelly Brook was on This Morning on ITV talking about her new autobiography titled ‘Close Up’, but things went a little sour on Twitter after she openly admitted hitting her former lovers.

Some have said she is disgusting and cannot believe nothing is being done about her hitting someone; abuse is abuse no matter who you do it to. Twitter users also said if a man openly admitted to hitting a woman all sorts of charges would be set upon him.

One Twitter user said, “Look at Ray Rice, his life is in ruins for domestic abuse, Kelly Brook? Nah its fine, let her do what she wants.”

People are saying she is trivialising domestic abuse, and during the ITV show viewers took to Twitter to vent their anger.

What are your views on Kelly Brook openly admitting to hitting men?

Kelly Brook hated for domestic abuse