Twitter buy button vs Facebook copy

Twitter is testing its new ‘Buy Button’ on its platform, where they will be embedding the button directly into its tweets to make the world of e-commerce a better place, another words more money via shopping. But, there is one snag, is this not what Facebook is already doing?

The new Twitter button will be shown within tweets and users will be prompted to enter shipping and payment details if they wish to buy a product. Once users have entered this information it will be stored, and exclusive items will be shown.

This feature will only be available to those in the U.S via mobile devices for now; Twitter is making shopping easier and obviously more convenient for the user.

Twitter will be using group of artists, brands, and nonprofit organizations such as Demi Lovato (@ddlovato), The Home Depot (@HomeDepot), Burberry (@burberry), Eminem (@eminem), Ryan Adams (@TheRyanAdams), Pharrell (@pharrell) and many more – please read the official blog post here.

This is not a new feature because Facebook has already started to test the buy button feature on its social media platform.

Is this the case of the new Twitter buy button copying Facebook?

Twitter buy button vs Facebook copy