Mary Kom Social media collection to follow

The Mary Kom’ Box Office collection has done rather well on it first opening day, and even on the second day the movie had similar growth. The new Mary Kom movie starring Priyanka Chopra has had some amazing reviews since it released on September 5.

The Mary Kom collection shows 8.02 crore on the opening day and on the second day it gained 9.2 crore, bringing its two-day collections to 17.22 crore. This was such a success it beat Rani Mukerji’s movie Mardaani.

Mary Kom is a film about a normal girl from Manipur who loves boxing so much she decides to pursue it and becomes a world champion. This movie is based on real-life events of Olympic champion Mary Kom; the real Mary is a little upset her movie hasn’t made it to Manipur.

Here is where you can get to follow Mary Kom on her social media collection, Mary Kom’s official Google Plus profile has 9,200 followers with 76,968 views so far and climbing rather well since her film released.

You can also visit the MC Mary Kom (@MCMarykom) Twitter account where you can join her 3191 followers, there is also the official #MaryKom (@MaryKomMovie) account with 7633 followers. Fans can also join the 1,207,882 followers on her Facebook page, or the Mary Kom Film Facebook page where she has 173,201 likes already.

It may be worth reading the Mary Kom IMDb reviews, which are informative. One user review said, “The best thing I loved about the movie is its flow. No melodrama and no typical 1970s thing.” IMDb also give the Mary Kom film a 7.4/10 from 1,090 users.

Below we have added two YouTube videos, the first is the official trailer of the movie starring Priyanka Chopra, and the second is the Zee Media exclusive interview with Mary Kom.

Have you watched the Mary Kom movie yet, if you have what did you think of it?

Mary Kom Social media collection to follow