Google Plus vs Googabox in trademark infringement

A lawsuit against Google has been filed by Andre Rossouw over social networking site Google Plus violating the GOOGABOX trademark, who also own the domain name

The plaintiff owns the names GOOGABOX.COM and GOOGABOX, which were inspired by famous pop bands Matchbox and Goo-qoo dolls. He has also owned these since around March 2007 for the service of a Social Network.

Google+ is the name and is also known as Google Plus, G Plus all over the Internet, and also offers a social network service. The Domains reports, Pronounced “Googleplus/ Googabox”, the two marks are claimed by plaintiff to be confusingly too similar to both representing the exact same service.”

The problems lies where the plaintiff says it is about the letter string “GOOG”, it gets more complicated than this so we suggest reading what The Domains report.

The plaintiff is suing on eight counts, which include trade name infringement, trademark hijacking by devious acts, intentional interference for economic advantage and negligent interference for economic advantage. Count 5 is for unfair competition where the defendant doesn’t have any right to the letter string “GOOG”, which can stop the plaintiff’s right to GOOGABOX.

Other counts include California statutory false advertising including extortion, fraud, unfair business practices and securities law violations, counts 7 and 8 include defendant Eric J. Ball criminal threats to assist in a Civil proceeding, and devious acts for a favorable outcome.

Do you think Andre Rossouw will win the fight against Google?

Google Plus vs Googabox in trademark infringement

  • John Sullivan

    In short… no.

  • Nicholas Wells

    He does have chutzpa, I’ll give him that. But no, he will not win. A few little things like Google’s earlier use of GOOGLE, family of marks arguments, dilution, etc. Only his lawyer will benefit. Oh, wait, he’s not using one!

  • M. Epstein

    His efforts will be justified anyways - publicity, etc. Like a dog barking at a passing elephant, as the proverb goes..

  • Linda

    I read he settled out of court with them. He will likely sell Googabox to them one day when they are famous…….Google will still make money off him. lol