Facebook statistics for users in Africa

Facebook statistics for users in Africa is reaching 100 million people according to the latest reports, this means around 1-in-10 people living in Africa are logging into Facebook each month.

The social network is reaching larger audiences and out of the 100 million Africans, 80 percent are entering the social media platform via mobile devices. This is very good considering the mobile ownership and Internet infiltration.

The mobile ad revenue for Facebook has risen to 150 percent in Q2, with 62 percent being the overall ad revenue. This means there is a lot of potential for business opportunities for those in Africa, with 7-in-10 African consumers accessing the Internet via mobile devices and 6 percent only using laptops/desktops etc.

TechCrunch goes into detail showing the monthly active users (MAUs), check the graph out above – 100 million active users in Africa, 80 percent of these being on mobile with 50% connected to the Internet. Statistics show the ‘Rest Of World’ region having 411 million active users ending Q2 2014. US and Canada had a 71% penetration rate.

Looks like Mark Zuckerberg is keeping to his word, where do you think Facebook can go from here?

Facebook statistics for users in Africa