YouTube problems on Virgin media persistent

Many Virgin Media customers are having problems with YouTube at the moment, some are having issues logging in to the video-sharing site with others not being able to play them because it sits in the buffering stage.

We went over to Twitter and tweeted both YouTube and Virgin Media and there is definitely a problem, around 80 percent of YouTube videos are not loading when trying to watch. Customers have done speed tests on their Virgin Media network and all seems to be showing normal speeds.

It just seems a little odd that those using Virgin Media can watch YouTube videos if they go through a proxy, but without one problems seem to be persistent.

Virgin Media are aware of the issues and have replied to tweets over on Twitter -

When one tweeter Googled ‘YouTube Proxy’ they used the first one, which was and when using YouTube through this all videos worked fine. This is a free web proxy service that can unblock and access YouTube videos.

Here are a few other tweets from customers complaining of not being able to watch YouTube videos on Virgin Media.

Are you having issues watching YouTube videos through Virgin Media network?

UPDATE: A friend in the UK using Virgin Media says they also have very good network speed, but trying to watch a YouTube video is near enough impossible.

YouTube problems on Virgin media

  • Xaider

    It’s not the first or second time this has happened and it goes on for days in a row. They need to get a grip.

  • Carl Waring

    No such problems here. YT working fine.

    Intermittent faults (ie those that don’t affect everyone) are a pain to track down!

  • Andy Evans

    Perhaps net neutrality is already slipping?

  • eebeegeebee

    Not working for me on Virgin

  • Peter Barnes

    I rang VM twice yesterday about this problem. The first time they told me to change my WiFi channel, even though I said that all my computers are wired in using ethernet. The second time I was told that “some youtube videos are uploaded in the wrong format” and that “the problem is with youtube.”

  • Mark

    It’s really strange that this is affecting certain channels and not others. Videos from Polaris for example load quickly and stream no problem at 1080p. Videos from some smaller channels I’ve tried fail to load at all and just give the “an error has occurred” message.

  • Dave_Rove

    It’s not affecting specific Youtube videos, although a casual test might suggest that. It’s actually an intermittent fault that hits all Youtube videos randomly. There’s ALSO mass reports of failures of downloading Google Play apps to Android phones. The common source being Google’s cache servers on the Virgin Media network. They’ve had days to sort this out now. It’s about time that other media sites picked up on this, given the mass inconvenience that it’s causing, and got some answers from Virgin.

  • Mike Nightingale

    I have a problem with youtube on Virgin as well, though I don’t know if it is only on Virgin. I use youtube much more than broadcast television and normally my 100mbs fibre cable delivers it with no problem. I had a new smart tv a few days ago and was unhappy with the youtube performance, but on testing other devices found that all were affected. My PS3 has always been rock solid on youtube, but currently I’m having all sorts of problems - long startup times, low resolution (On HD vids) that sometimes becomes hd, sometimes not. Freezing of vids also using the youtube linking of smartphone to tv/ ps3 is being affected (Normally not an issue) Speed tests show no problems. It’s very annoying!
    On my laptop the same videos, show an apparently different symptom, “Max Headroom” style digital stuttering!

  • Dresdan PI

    It’s becoming a joke.

    Word of advice, those that are having issues with buffering of certain videos….ring Virgin Media and get a reference from them so that when the issue is fixed (could take eternity) they can refund you the cost of your Youtube problems.

    Maybe it’s time to move on from Virgin Media now and to a better and cheaper alternative in BT.

  • Laura

    Glad to see I’m not going mad and other people are having similar issues. Having similar issues to Mike’s PS3 on my PC, when normally videos stream quickly and in HD. They take so long to load 10 secs of footage I’ve just given up, so unreliable. Hope its sorted soon.

  • Scott

    It’s awful for me lately. I live in London N17 and the vast majority of videos just do not load.

  • Antoni

    same here, youtube buffering all the time :(

  • matthewlake182 .

    Having big problems playing videos, especially on youtube D:

  • DA.

    90% of links to Youtube working, I’m on 152 mob speed, all else is ok. My iPad4, my Apple TV and my PC laptop are all having the same problem. Some videos play, most don’t, they hang in the buffer stage! It’s most def a Virgin problem, my iPad worked ok on a friends Talk Talk connection!

  • DA.

    Meant to say NOT WORKING! DA.

  • Kevin

    And also I have a problem with Google play store.. :( Can’t download apps too :’(