Jason Derulo in Sims 4 release

The Sims 4 released in North America on September 2, the 4th for Europe and Australia, and today September 5 in Ireland and UK. The game is now becoming a celebrity base; yes Jason Derulo is in Sims 4.

Electronic Arts finally releases Sims 4 and many critics already dislike the game, just search for ‘Sims 4 review’ and you will see. Some reviews say the game has flaws such as flawed customization etc, we cannot respond on this as we have not yet played the game.

Jason Derulo shared on his Twitter account his Sim of himself, he tweeted (Shown Below) “Check me out in Sims 4. Think yall can do better? Let’s see! Tag #TheSims4 #JasonDerulo #Ad.” The star also shared the Sim of himself on his official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Celebrities, can you create a better SIM of yourself than Jason Derulo?

The latest news shows it doesn’t take long before someone can come up with a Sims 4 crack, and if anyone downloads a Sims 4 torrent will find something a little unforeseen (censorship). Some clever people in this world and the game has only released an already a crack has been put out, but EA are well aware of this and a taking strong measures of piracy of their games – For more information on this please visit PC Gamer.

Jason Derulo in Sims 4 release