Reddit The Fappening J-Law donations rejected

Both Prostate Cancer Foundation and has shut down all Reddit ‘Fappening’ Jennifer Lawrence picture guilt donations. Many nude photos of Lawrence and other celebrities were put up online, started by 4Chan and the subreddit called Reddit “The Fappening” is being used to upload nude photos. decided it was time to stop its charity page, which Reddit was apparently using to raise money in honor of Jennifer Lawrence after the nude photo leak.

The Fappening is a dedicated Reddit page where the nude photos of celebrities were shared last week, started crowdfunding money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. This charity then declined the efforts and then Reddit turned to to raise money there, which has also now been declined.

It is not getting any better for Reddit “The Fappening” after it leaked nude photos of gymnast McKayla Maroney, these have since been removed because when they were taken she was underage.

Do you think charities should refuse money from ‘The Fappening’?

Many Twitter users are saying money is money and does it really matter where the money comes from as long as it helps those in need. The Prostrate Cancer Foundation released this statement

September 2, 2021 — A post appeared on Reddit late Monday afternoon, September 1, 2014. A Reddit user directed other Reddit users to make a donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation without the Foundation’s knowledge. We would never condone raising funds for cancer research in this manner. Out of respect for everyone involved and in keeping with our own standards, we are returning all donations that resulted from this post.

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Reddit The Fappening J-Law donations rejected