Supporting Zelda Williams return to Twitter

Robin Williams daughter Zelda is getting great support after returning back to Twitter, her fans are leaving tweets saying welcome back and glad she has returned.

Back on August 13, Zelda Williams decided it was time to say goodbye to Twitter for a while, she deleted the social network from her devices after trolls made it difficult for her to stay after her dad sadly past away.

The daughter of late Robin Williams is now back with a little tweet, which say’s ‘Thank you’.

The tweet can be seen below where it contains a link to her Tumblr, which contains a quote by actor Harvey Fierstein. The quote says, “Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.”

It is good to have you back Zelda, these so-called trolls got what they deserved and have since been suspended from Twitter.

Zelda Williams support messages from Twitter fans include – These are just a few, to read more please visit Zelda’s tweet above.

One tweet by @socrazywildcat said, “@zeldawilliams you are so strong and amazing! You don’t have to stay but there is more love for you here than any troll could handle! “ Which we thought was a tweet all should read to rid of those Twitter trolls.

Are you happy Zelda Williams is back on Twitter?

Supporting Zelda Williams return to Twitter