Toilet roll video goes viral

One dad, a toilet roll and a mention of lazy kids is all you need nowadays for a YouTube video to go viral, what it takes to teach your children how to change a loo roll on social media.

Dad Will Reid decided to take to social media because he was getting no where telling his kids how they can change the toilet roll in the bathroom, he said telling them how to do it is not working so social media creativity is what he does next.

The video mainly went viral after someone shared it on Reddit, Will Reid said he has to be creative and that is why he created the video titled, “Toilet Roll Changing - Teenage Instructional Video’, which has had 951,910 views, 6,436 thumbs up with only 146 thumbs down, the video has already got 506 comments.

Love the part in the video where he shows how to change the toilet roll, but then says there is an advanced level where you put the empty toilet roll holder in the bin, but this may be a step too far so we will keep everything as is.

Will Reid’s kids are probably in shock to see the video going viral across social media, its being shared on a few social media sites such as YouTube Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and no doubt many more.

Please do watch the video below and then answer this question – Do your children need to watch the ‘Toilet Roll Changing’ -teenage educational video?

Toilet roll video goes viral