Jigsaw World game is trending among friends

There are so many Facebook games, such as highly popular ones like Candy Crush Saga. But there are other games such as Jigsaw World, which is now trending among Facebook friends.

The Jigsaw World Facebook app has over one hundred puzzles for you to play, there are unique pre-made puzzle packs and even the ability to turn your own Facebook photos into puzzles for you to solve.

Once you have turned your photos into a jigsaw puzzle you can share them with other FB friends, the puzzle game by Inertia Game Studios has over 100,000 players and are always holding competitions, where you can win prizes or simply relax and play without rushing.

Underneath where you play the puzzle game you can see it has been shared 311,205 times, and you can also look at the Jigsaw World frequently asked questions.

Many Facebook games go viral like Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, Double Down Casino and so many more. Can Jigsaw World make it to the top of the charts like the ones mentioned above?

Are you playing the Jigsaw World Facebook game?

Jigsaw World game is trending among friends