InMaps discontinued by LinkedIn for new visualization

InMaps by LinkedIn are no longer supported after being discontinued for new visualization; it was decided to retire the network tool so they could concentrate on developing new ways to visualize the professional network.

If you visit the official inmaps.linkedinlabs page you will see a little message at the top, it says InMaps was discontinued yesterday (September 1st, 2014) - They do ask you to visit its LinkedIn Help Center if you have questions at all.

The advanced relationship-mapping tool is no longer supported; many social media websites retire tools so they can build on them. This time round LinkedIn are looking at new ways to better visualize their connections, it is all about gaining insights from your professional network.

The official service started back in January 2011, which you can read about here as well as watching the YouTube video provided below. InMaps was a tool allowing the use of color coding various clusters that they’ve created in their professional history, and then it left the relationship maps showing the connections cross path.

TechCrunch goes into great detail about InMaps by LinkedIn, discussing the initial development of the product by a previous analytics employee named Ali Imam.

LinkedIn is working on new ways to visualize networks, so be prepared for an InMaps alternative – Are you disappointed about the InMaps retirement?

InMaps discontinued by LinkedIn for new visualization