4chan Jennifer Lawrence leak socially viral

Hackers love hacking, it is their sport and interest. Two names in the recent photos scandal include Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. The 4chan Jennifer Lawrence pics went viral all over the social media networks because people believed they were going to see nude photos.

If nude photos get leaked online it is a breach of privacy, even if they were shot publicly. But hackers love doing what they do and will reveal anything for attention, even if it means digging through private photos and folders etc.

The leaked nude photos of both Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence pics were leaked onto image-sharing site 4chan, which is known for activists hackers and much more. Because of the leak they have spread through social media at a very quick rate, people searching for the photos because they want to see the A-List celebrities naked.

Over 100 photos of the two celebrities were posted online, it has been reported that if anyone is found uploading these types of photos online will be prosecuted. It has been allegedly claimed by the mystery hacker there was Apple iCloud glitch, which allowed mobile devices to be hacked according to a report over on Buzz Feed.

If you visit Twitter you will see the hashtag #fappening, which started after the 4chan Jennifer Lawrence shock photos scandal.

What are your thoughts on the 4chan Jennifer Lawrence photo leak?

4chan Jennifer Lawrence leak socially viral