Roger Federer updated Instagram with Hyperlapse

Roger Federer now has 152,604 followers, follows 5 people and has added another 3 Instagram posts. In just four days he has gone from 97K to 152K with 1 post to 4 posts.

The Tennis superstar now has 2 Instagram videos and 2 photos, it all began with the ‘Roger Federer Jordan’ Instagram photo, with the tennis superstar posing with Basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Now he has two videos with one saying “My drive. On #hyperlapse’ and the other description saying ‘Drive to the @usopen #rfk #hyperlapse’. His new photo describes the star being at Madison Square Garden explaining he had fun.

The first photo with him photographed with Michael Jordan has now gained 38.1k likes and 4.27 thousand comments, his new Madison Square Gardens photo has had 24.5k likes and 385 comments since it was uploaded August 29. The two videos have gained 30k followers between them.

Roger Federer seems to be gaining a lot of ground on Instagram considering he only has 2 photos and 2 videos uploaded so far – Have you joined Roger Federer on Instagram yet?

Roger Federer updated Instagram with Hyperlapse