Lionel Messi official twitter still incoming

Many people are asking if Argentina and Barcelona football star has a Twitter account, and the answer to this is ‘NO’. He did earlier on in the year announce he was going start his Twitter account this year, but hasn’t as of yet.

Lionel Messi is joining Twitter but no official date has been set, the sports star has not yet revealed when he will be starting it. Millions of Messi fans around the world are waiting anxiously for the star to open his account, and when he does he will get the blue tick of approval from Twitter to show all it is verified and official.

There are many football stars already on Twitter such as Rooney and many more, everyone has to sit back and wait for Messi to make his move to join other top name stars, and when he does you can expect his Twitter account to have around the 10 million followers mark.

This Lionel Messi Twitter account is NOT the official account, if it were the official account of the football star he would have a ‘Blue Tick’ next to his name saying he is verified, take no notice of the blue tick within the Messi profile picture – it’s not official.

not official messi twitter account

If you look at Wayne Rooney’s Twitter account you will see it is the real one because of the verification tick.

wayne rooney is official on twitter

Are you waiting for Lionel Messi to open his official Twitter account? You can join 6,611,043 followers over on the official Leo Messi Instagram account for now whilst you wait for him to start his Twitter account.

Lionel Messi official twitter still incoming