James Argent missing trends on Twitter

TOWIE star James ‘Arg Argent’ has caused a massive stir on Twitter when the world learned he went missing, this left family and friends worried about the 26-year-old.

Police said they were a little worried about Argent’s welfare after he was reported missing by his family, the reason the worries began is when The Only Way Is Essex actor failed to meet his agent at an airport whilst on a work-related trip to Majorca this morning.

All the commotion was laid to rest when it was confirmed he was not missing at all, instead he was found at the wrong airport, yes the star went to the wrong airport.

Sky News reported that former The Only Way Is Essex star Sam Faiers took to Twitter saying she was really worried and wants the star to come home. Sky News also reported James is safe and well.

James Argent has just taken to Twitter saying, “Hi I’m so sorry to have worried everyone. I’m fine and safe but again can’t apologise enough x.”

Fans took to Twitter after they learned James Argent went missing, some saw the funny side of things and a few were not too happy at all. Twitter users are searching hashtags such as ‘FindArg’, ‘TOWIE’, ‘James Argent’ and ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ and the main one that is a trending Twitter topic is ‘FindArg’.

Read some of the tweets below of users opinions – Do you think James Argent going missing was a publicity stunt?

James Argent missing trends on Twitter