Social media monitoring to make life easier

Covering the social monitoring best practices, the team released its premium social monitoring features for the Social Searcher. New functionality is smoothly integrated into the existing interface and should be pretty helpful not only for the experienced marketers/entrepreneurs, but for the newcomer social media researchers and small business owners as well.

On 25 of August the Social Searcher team released premium social monitoring features in addition to the popular free services. And, below we’ve collected some good examples of making your life easier with Social Searcher.

If you wish to, you can start the free trial by visiting, in the meantime please do read some of the examples below for social media monitoring best practices.

1. Tracking your Social Media Progress
One of the basic metrics that should be controlled is a number of your brand or a product mentions in social networks by date. That gives you information about general progress, advertising campaigns efficiency, the most successful events/publications and many more.

2. The Best and Worst times to post
Find out your industry specific popular dates of the week and daytime for posting in the social media. Overview of the content types analytics (video/photo/link/status) can also be helpful when preparing a new post. Lots of studies prove that these factors play a serious role for your audience engagement.

3. Monitoring feedbacks and comments about your Brand
It’s really important to know when someone posts negative information about you and immediately react in order to prevent viral effect.

Sometimes it’s even possible to turn negative to positive, for example, after one of the Social Searcher’s updates they moved the special tool from the home page to the secondary one, which was used by lots of people taking part in competitions and looking for their wins in social networks. Some of them couldn’t find a new location for the tool and shared several negative feedbacks, however, correct reaction allowed to change the situation and even get publications in the compers relative blogs with more then 5K clicks-through to our service.
Set up Email Alerts notifications and check up sentiment analytics to be sure that your users are satisfied.

4. Finding key influencers
Needless to say that key influencers are followed by your target audience and you must engage with them. They can help to drive leads towards your business and bring visitors to your site.

Social media monitoring

5. Expanding loyal users base
Saving social mentions history will allow you to identify your loyal users, that are much more likely will be interested in your new products, services, general news and can make your content viral.

6. The most popular sites and links
Providing quality content is a challenge and observing the most successful articles in your industry can give you some fresh ideas. If you are monitoring your own site mentions then you can identify posts with the biggest social impact and bring them to the next level by extending the topic, adding new media or rewriting from the new angle.

7. Keywords
Discover relevant industry keywords and get new content ideas.

8. Industry and competitors monitoring
Understand your competitors marketing strategy; learn their fails and wins to become expert in your area. Get to know your industry target audience, monitor changes and new trends. Adapt your company on a regular basis to ensure that you are up to date.

Please do comment on the above, always welcome to read what you have got to say.

Social media monitoring to make life easier