Current UK terror threat level stirs up Twitter

The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre has announced it has moved the current threat level from international terrorism for the UK to severe, which means it is more likely to a terrorist attack.

If it were moved to moderate it would mean an attack is possible but unlikely, the Home Secretary announced the change from substantial to severe today. There is no intelligence to suggest there will be an imminent attack but officials have informed security officials across the UK’s public and private sectors.

Since the current UK terror threat level was announced things have been stirring up on Twitter, so may are tweeting about the threat level change here.

Security professionals are making decisions on the level of protection across the UK, the official news via Security Service MI5 states that the judgments made by JTAC are made on the basis of the latest intelligence and are independent of Ministers.

The threat level is related to the major actions in Iraq and Syria where terrorist groups are plotting attacks against the West. This will according to the news involve foreign fighters who are there from Europe and the UK to take part in those conflicts.

UK public are being urged to stay vigilant and if they see anything suspicious at all to contact the police – Lets hope the severe threat level does not change to critical.

Since the threat Twitter is being stirred with many tweets, take a look at some of them below - What are your views on the current UK terrorism threat change?

Current UK terror threat level stirs up Twitter