Bike crash video convicts Sanderson

Biker Jack Sanderson, 22 posted a video on his YouTube channel of him speeding down the Cat and Fiddle, one of Britain’s most dangerous roads in the Peak District. This video landing him in trouble with the law but luckily escaped prison.

Jack Sanderson was wearing a Go Pro camera when he was riding down the A537 road between Macclesfield, Cheshire, and Buxton, Derbyshire, the video shows great detail of what happened on the day of his accident.

The YouTube clip titled ‘ORIGINAL) GO-PRO [HD] - Kawsaki ZX6R Crash 40ft Off A Cliff’ has had 1,215,010 views since it was uploaded on 22 March 2014. Sanderson in the end went around a sharp corner of the road and plunged down a 40ft hill after swerving to avoid an oncoming car.

He has been disqualified from driving for two years and given a 12-week suspended sentence, as well as being given 300 hours of unpaid work to complete after being found guilty of dangerous driving. The video footage is rather shocking and Sanderson as well as other bikers and motorist were very lucky not to have been hurt.

In the video you can clearly see at one stage he overtook another biker when the white lines were solid, which means ‘No Overtaking’. When we see these lines we know we should stay in the lane we are in, Sanderson in the video did not. When he went around the bend and avoided the car to plunge down the hill, the lines were of the double white line sort. According to BBC News Sanderson apparently told Macclesfield Magistrates’ Court he was in total control until he hit the fence.

Please watch the video below; many comments are coming in on the video, even his family are commenting as well. One commenter said,” +Jack Sanderson if you treat the public roads like a racetrack these things happen. Luckily nobody was seriously injured. Just learn the lesson that many don’t get chance to in bike accidents. To the YouTube hate parade I will say this. You are not perfect either; everyone does something stupid at some point in life. I don’t know this biker from Adam it doesn’t make him a bad person just because he made a mistake.”

What are your views on the bikers’ video, do you think his convictions were best served, or do you think they were unjustified?

Bike crash video convicts Sanderson