PSN down for maintenance today

The PlayStation network will be down today for its scheduled maintenance upgrade, which was supposed to have happened Monday.

Monday was supposed to have been the scheduled PSN maintenance update day, but due to an unexpected DDoS attack over the weekend it had to be postponed. But the planned PlayStation Network upgrade today is going ahead.

Sony is going ahead with the PSN software maintenance upgrade so users can get the best online gaming experience, when the maintenance is underway users will not be able to access Account Management, PlayStation Store and PS Home.

However, if you have been signed into the PSN since August 23, PlayStation users will be able to play games online, and yes you should be able to use Netflix.

How long is PSN down for maintenance today?
The PSN down time for its maintenance upgrade will start at 9:40am PT and scheduled to end at 4:50pm PT, so a fairly long update.

Do you think the PSN maintenance upgrade taking up to 7 hours has something to do with filtering out DDoS traffic?

PSN down for maintenance today