PSN down prompts Lizard Squad DDoS debate

Sony decided to hold off its PSN maintenance update because the PlayStation network went down after another DDoS attack thought to be by Lizard Squad.

We saw the words ‘PSN is down’ over on Twitter and many tweets showed PlayStation owners’ having the same problems, mostly reporting error codes such as “NW-31201-7.”

When users tried to log in to the PSN they got to see ‘PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance’, but many tweets mentioned they had issues logging in to PSN.

When you visit Lizard Squad Twitter account you will see a few tweets suggesting this could be another attack on PSN. Because of the DDoS attack on Sunday the scheduled PSN maintenance was postponed, PSN is now back online but people are still tweeting about it.

Sony is no stranger to hackers and will continue to get them attacking, but they know it was caused by the DDoS attack. Users should know that there has been no evidence of the hackers accessing personal information.

Check these tweets below and let us know if they shout out “We Lizard Squad are behind the PSN DDoS attack!”

The attack that happened Sunday took down the PlayStation Network, Sony still has to find out who caused the attack. Many believe it was the Lizard Squad. Hacker @FamedGod linked to the Anonymous hacktivist collective reported the attacks were aimed at highlighting vulnerabilities in Sony’s system.

Sony is yet to discover who the perpetrator of the attack is, although inevitably several individuals on social media have claimed responsibility.

Is Lizard Squad behind the PSN DDoS attack?

PSN offline for 2.5 hours for maintenance today pic 3